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Paper industry is one of the oldest industries in India. Paper consumption is an indicator of the economic and literacy status of any country. Per capita consumption of paper on a global level is of the order of 52 Kg. Indian per capita consumption is dismally low at 5 kg as compared to China’s 30 Kg and USA 340 Kg. Steep rise in paper consumption is anticipated and the Paper industry is poised for a boost with economic liberalisation and consequent spurt in commercial activities happening in the country. Although the paper production in India has been stepped up considerably it is still not possible to satisfy the existing demand with the current installed capacity and subsequently recourse has to be taken by importing the shortfall.

RESONANCE PAPER MILL PVT LTD. was incorporated on 15th APRIL 2016. The registered office of the company is situated at Morbi, Gujarat. Company has interests in Manufacturing of Corrugated kraft paper.

Paper machine of the company commenced production in the year 2016 with a capacity to produce 150 MT per day of kraft paper.

Company's Objective

The company is operating in a highly competitive market and the strategy is to enhance revenues through taking advantage of its inherent strengths and business dynamics. A highly qualified and competent team, robust quality control provides the necessary platform to give impetus to the company’s objectives. The company’s focus is to increase its revenues and improve its bottomline by reducing costs by better management of funds, improved internal control systems and better realizations for its existing products.

Quality of Management

The quality of management team is at par with industry standards. The Promoters directors, Technical & Commercial staff have more than 10 years of experience in the Paper Industry. The workforce comprises of Engineers, Chartered Accountants and technicians.

Industry Overview

The paper industry's market size (including newsprint) was around Rs 538 billion in 2012-13, having grown at nearly 12 per cent CAGR over the last 5 years. Paperboard accounted for around 49 per cent of the market size, followed by Writing & Printing paper which accounted for almost 31 per cent. Newsprint accounted for 16 percent and speciality paper accounted for 3 per cent. Demand for writing and printing paper and paperboard is expected to improve over the next 5 years, boosted by the government's thrust on education, rise in organised retail, urbanisation and growth in the economy. Newsprint demand is expected to grow at a healthy pace over the next 5 years, driven by demand for vernacular newspapers and a rise in the number of pages per newspaper. Therefore, with the expected increase in literacy rate and growth of the economy the per capita consumption of paper is expected to increase going forward.

Future Outlook

The Indian paper industry is moving up with strong demand and is expected to follow the GDP growth rate. The company is focused on the long term and it continues its drive for sustainable growth. We are adopting to successfully compete in emerging market conditions. The company is gradually increasing share of packaging paper in its product portfolio. The packaging paper is likely to witness higher growth due to focus of the government on “Make in India”, growth of organized retail and E-commerce. With these factors, our company is anticipating strong revenue growth in the current financial year, which is backed by improving margins. The increased focus on education by the government, an increase in the general level of literacy and continued demand from user industries will further add to the growth prospects of the Company.

The global demand for paper is expected to grow at a steady pace over the next 4 -5 years. The pace of decline of demand for W&P paper and newsprint in US and Europe will decrease. In the international market, Paper board demand will slow down slightly in the next couple of years due to sluggish demand and slowdown in China. In 2015-16, the domestic demand growth is expected to improve on account of economic recovery. Sharp fall in global waste paper prices will put pressure on domestic waste paper prices in 2015-16. Therefore, margin of W&P and paper board players are expect to expand.

  • Increasing trend in packaging of all type goods in corrugated boxes to lead to higher demand of packaging paper.
  • Increasing e-commerce purchase will have positive impact on the packaging industry, as the goods are repacked to deliver to the customers.
  • Higher literacy at rural level will lead to higher demand of circulation / readership of newspapers and increasing higher prevalence of using packed products.
  • The environment is becoming a key focus area in business today and accordingly the packaging is also changing to recyclable paper, provide an opportunity to paper manufacturers.
  • A stable and decisive Central Government has started huge government spending in infrastructure and focused on Make in India campaign. The growing Indian economy will create more demand for paper.
  • Self reliance for its power requirements and lower costs of the fuel.
Future Growth Plans

Growth is keen for the survival of any business enterprise. XYZ Papers too has a future growth plans for itself. The future plans of the company is to :

  • To grow organically from innovative skills, shorter product development cycles and production of value added products and having an insight into the changing consumer preferences.
  • To grow inorganically by acquiring competing brands and mergers. It can give a new source of fresh ideas and access to new markets.
  • Increase its brand visibility and recall through advertisements and educating the consumers of its value added propositions.

Factory Tour of
Resonance Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd.

  • Resonance Paper Mill Pvt Ltd manufacture high quality kraft paper both fluting corrugating paper and test liner for both domestic and overseas market. we manufacture paper on BF base and RCT base from various GSM range including from 100 to 300.


To improve our product’s quality and services by meeting our customers.


To be a preferred organization, well recognized in the businesses providing applicable solutions.


Our commitment is to manage risk effectively to adhere to our Quality Management System.

Why Resonance ??

All manufacturing process well maintain by professional paper maker.

High strength raw materials uses in paper making process.

All technical parameter maintain as per International standards.

Every reels protected by automatic shrink wrapped and edge protector.

A separate Export department managed by industry expert to provide high end service to clients.

Monitoring each and every steps from container booking to Unloading at client warehouse.

QCS for quality control and online monitoring and service system.

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