What is High Strength Fluting Paper ?

What is High Strength Fluting Paper ?

There are so many different options when it comes to packaging. Trust the advice from the PG Paper team when it comes to choosing the most suitable types of packaging paper and board for your business.The term testliner refers to types of packaging paper with different bursting strengths. Since some grades of testliner have lower burst factors, due to containing high amounts of recycled fibers, the lower grades of testliner are often associated with recycled fibers.

Corrugated paper sheet is a material consisting of fluted paper sheet and one or two plain linerboards. It is made on corrugators and is used in the manufacture of heavy duty containers for shipping and corrugated boxes for normal packaging.

Made from virgin fiber, it is noted for its high resistance to tearing, stress and punching. These properties make it an ideal paper for manufacturing packaging with complex structures and when higher levels of resistance are required. It is also particularly well suited for moist environments.

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