Environment Support & Sustainable Policy

Resonance Papers follows efficient environment support and sustainable policies in the production phase that makes it easy going towards energy saving methodology by improving energy consumption and reusing techniques to encourage, maintain, and practice a safe, better, and healthy environment. We are committed to shooting up our High Strength Fluting Paper business and manufacturing environmentally friendly manufactured coated High Strength Fluting Paper goods and products to encourage keeping all the ecological standards intact and maintained.

Green Initiative

Our Sustainable Paper
Manufacturing Process


Our paper mills and the workforce stringently adheres to procedures and mechanisms that reduce the paper waste.


Our manufacturing phase uses the environmental raw materials or required environmental production material until their complete useful life.


Our paper mills are focused towards reusing and recycling of environmental raw materials or finished goods.

Resonance Papers’ Salient Features

To keep up with the several ecological quality standards set by the global High Strength Fluting Paper quality standards. We have up to more than 70% of quality raw materials recycled and reuse from the High Strength Fluting Paper waste recycling scheme or sustainable development High Strength Fluting paper.

We at Resonance Papers, follow and abide by an integrated approach with pioneering green initiatives. We carefully analyse the three R of sustainability that Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in each phase from manufacturing to exporting High Strength Fluting Paper products and ensuring that every aspect of our business is subject to the strict environmental policy.

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